Look at the world from a global perspective. Gain a strong foundation in the liberal arts while learning to gather evidence, think critically, evaluate sources, and communicate your findings.

Political Science International Studies Degree

The Department of Political Science also houses the Program for International Studies and offers majors in both disciplines. We offer a B.A. degree in political science which features several concentration options, a minor, and pre-law advising.

We offer a B.A. degree in international studies that emphasizes proficiency in a foreign language. Four majors are offered including international public policy, international relations, international studies, and national security and foreign affairs. Four minors in international public policy, international relationsinternational studies, and national security and foreign affairs are available.

We also offer a master's program in political science. You can complete your program on campus, online, or a hybrid of the two. Non-degree seeking students or students pursuing another course of study may also complete one of our four graduate certificates to further their learning. 






Graduate Programs