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Degree Options

You get to decide. The major in political science offers four options to tailor your degree to your future goals:


  • General
  • Legal Studies 
  • National Security
  • Social and Political Justice

General Option

Our program offers courses in political theory, comparative politics and government, U.S. politics and government, international relations, and research methods. You will sharpen your analytical, communication, and evaluative skills. Our gradutes pursue careers in government, business, education, law, policy analysis, and electoral politics.

National Security Option

You will explore and analyze potential security threats in the United States and around the world in preparation for careers in the military, intelligence agencies, the diplomatic corps, law enforcement, and security analysis. We offer courses in counterterrorism, military strategy, international conflict management, and intelligence analysis. 

Social and Political Justice Option

You will think critically about rights, inequality, justice, interests, and exploitation. Students link courses in political theory, public policy, and politics to social justice in government, corporate, and civil society settings. 

Legal Studies Option

In the legal studies option, you will explore values, ideas, and reasoning linked to public law, its design, and its impact. Course work prepares our graduates for law school, graduate work in public policy, and careers in government, business, law, and public service.