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Arabic Major

What is a Major in Arabic?

Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is the official language in 22 Arab countries and the language of faith for over one billion people. A major in Arabic includes language courses to hone your reading, writing, and speaking skills. The program also offers courses in literature, cinema, and culture to enhance your cultural competency. Developing strong linguistic skills, critical thinking, and cultural knowledge will make graduates more competitive in the job market.

Why Study Arabic at Virginia Tech?

You will work with award-winning faculty members, connect with conversation partners and peer tutors, and engage with various Middle East related student organizations. Activities such as scholarly lectures, musical performances, Arabic Film Night, Arabic Coffee Hour, and other cultural events are available regularly. Virginia Tech’s proximity to Washington D.C. makes access to internships in the Federal Government, Intelligence Community, and Non-Governmental Organizations common among our students.

Student-Faculty Ratio

Arabic Language and Cultural Groups

Study Abroad Program

Careers and Further Study

What Can You Do with a major in Arabic?

Jobs Held by Our Graduates

  • Consultancy
  • Foreign Service
  • Translation
  • Teaching and Research
  • Diplomacy
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Cultural Programming and Outreach
  • International Business
  • International Development


Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

Strong Community 

Several student clubs organize events to help you explore the Arab world in all its diversity. They provide exciting opportunities for linguistic and cultural immersion and encourage cross-cultural understanding. The clubs organize a variety of educational and fun cultural events; including Arabic conversation tables, lectures, films, and artistic performances. You will meet students from all over the Arab world, including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan.

Arabic Poetry Night
Undergraduate Research

As you complete undergraduate research, you'll have opportunities to work with award-winning faculty members with research and teaching interests in literature and cultural studies, linguistics, education, political science, and anthropology. Recent student research projects focused on graffiti in the Arab world, women and war, cinema, and international policy.

Get Experience

Come spend your summer in the historical city of Nizwa! Study Arabic at Nizwa University, visit many regions in Oman, and explore the beautiful coastal city of Muscat. 

This 5 week program allows you to deepen your understanding of Arabic culture, practice your written and oral communication, and participate in a once in a lifetime learning experience!


Arabic Tutoring & Conversation Partners

Access our free peer-tutoring service, as well as a conversation partner program, that allows you to converse with native speakers from all over the Arab world.

Students in Oman.
Learn More

The best way to practice your Arabic is to talk with native speakers. Since Arabic is a critical language of strategic importance, there are increasing opportunities for funding that will allow you to study Arabic in an immersive environment in the Middle East.

Our students have won prestigious scholarships, including the Fulbright, Gilman, Critical Language Scholarship, and the Boren Scholarship.


Project Global Officer, better known as Project GO, promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for Reserve Officer Training Corps students.

Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages Degree

Arabic Major Requirements

  • Arabic for Oral Proficiency
  • Media Arabic
  • Arab Culture and Civilization
  • Topics in Arab Cinema
  • Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
  • Research in Arab Culture

Minor and Elective Hours

Our program gives you the opportunity to build knowledge in another area by pursuing a minor, double major, or cognate.

120 hrs
B.A. Foreign Languages

45 hrs
General Education

36 hrs
Major Requirements

39 hrs


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