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Arabic offers of systematic structures and beautiful patterns. It will help you better understand and appreciate a region that is often misrepresented and oversimplified in mainstream media.

We offer twelve languages: Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, ancient Greek, modern Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Our partnership in the 4-VA project also provides online courses in languages such as Portuguese, advanced Arabic, and advanced Chinese. You will encounter excellent teachers and researchers who are at the top of their fields. We offer a range of classes to satisfy the casual learner and to fufill the university’s foreign language requirement.

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Students can fulfill the language requirement in high school, through transfer credit, or at Virginia Tech.  The high school record is reviewed to determine whether or not students have fulfilled the language requirement before entering Virginia Tech.  

Some majors require at least three years of study in a single language in high school. Students who have completed two years of study of two or more foreign languages in high school may request special permission of the Chair or Associate Chair of their Department to substitute this for the three year language requirement.  




French for Business Concentration


  • Elementary French 1105-1106
  • Intermediate French 2105
  • Intermediate Business French 2164 (this cannot be taken if the student has taken a 3000-level course)
  • Introduction to French Culture and Civilization 2714
  • An approved Core Area 7 course





Force-add policy for first-year language courses

If a first-year course that you are interested in is full, keep checking Hokie SPA, as seats typically become available during the first week of classes. We automatically drop students who are absent on the first or second day of class. Be persistent in reviewing courses online to take advantage of empty seats. Instructors will not sign force add slips during the first week of courses.


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