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German Minor

What is a Minor in German?

Join more than 120 million German speakers as you study the most widely spoken language in the European Union and the second most used language in the sciences worldwide.


What You'll Study

German and English share the same parent language. They share many similar features, and speakers of one often find it easy to learn the other. German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is a language of science, invention, and innovation. More than 100 Nobel prizes have been awarded to professionals, researchers, and authors. Many great philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, and composers spoke German as their native language. Being able to read their publications in the original language in which they were written can give you an advantage while pursuing research.

Having a working knowledge of German will give you a competitive edge in many fields, including the sciences, engineering, banking, medicine, technology, philosophy, and publication.

At Virginia Tech, you will improve your German language skills while you study current issues, classical and contemporary literature, art, and culture of the German-speaking countries. Courses include Culture of the German-Speaking Countries and Topics in German Cinema.

18 hrs
Total Credit Hours


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