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Modern Greek

Studying Modern Greek allows one to be more well-versed in the English language, because at least 30 percent of the English words have Greek roots. In scientific fields, such as medicine and biology, the percentage is even higher.

  • Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, and has made substantial artistic, scientific,philosophical,political, ethical, and culinary (mediterranean diet) contributions. Studying and understanding Greek culture provides a solid foundation in comprehending the history and development of Western civilization.
  • Greece is also the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a major international event that promotes goodwill, friendship, and collaboration among nations. Greece also stands at the geopolitical crossroads of East and West, Southern and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean, thus providing employment opportunities in multiple areas such as commerce, business, finance, etc.
  • Greece's historical and political roots have relevance in present-day international affairs. Greece, has been, and continues to be a dynamic member of the European Union since 1981, and is the economic and political leader of the Balkans in southeastern Europe. Moreover, Greece's commercial fleet carries 30 percent of the world's sea-born trade, and 80 percent of China's sea-born trade.
  • Greece, drawing on its ancient (classical) and Renaissance (Byzantine) traditions, continues to explore and influence the world with the values of logos (word/reason), cosmos (people), polis (city), episteme/paideia (science/education), techne (art), philia (friendship), phronesis (good sense), metron (balance), and mostly anthropos (man).

Maria K Hatzios 

How to enroll into this program ?

This course will involve the student in listening, speaking, writing and reading the Greek language, and at the same time build a good background in grammar and vocabulary. It will also incorporate cultural/ethnic aspects of the language and country. Although the Department of Foreign Languages does not have a degree

option for modern Greek, the following courses are offered:

Undergraduate Courses

Elementary Greek 1205-1206

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Sponsors of the Modern Greek Program are Virginia Tech Alumni: 
Ioannis Besieris, Argy Petros, Anastasios Tsolakis 

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