Could there possibly be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking? A philosopher in our college pondered that essential, timeless question on Giving Day 2022 — and finally answered it!

At the same time, some of the world’s most famous authors, philosophers, and politicians offered Giving Day endorsements for our college. (You won’t believe number 7!)

Yet it was our dean who made the case for supporting the college most memorably when she donned a Viking helmet, a 17th-century bustle, and even a tuba to demonstrate the breadth of the college’s disciplines.

In February 2022, the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences was once again up to its Giving Day shenanigans, and Hokie Nation responded, enabling the college to meet all its donor challenges and to break previous records both in terms of number of donors (1,562, up from 1,316) and amount raised ($442,318, up from $159,136).

Ready for Her Close-Up: Dean Edition

Dean: Now a Major Motion Picture

What started as a “leaked” tape is now a major motion picture (we’re pretty sure). This modern classic stars James Madison as a Viking princess, William Howard Taft as himself, and our intrepid dean, Laura Belmonte, as George Washington, the Deanasaurus, a Marching Virginian, Norma Desmond, a Valkyrie, Rhett Butler, Mrs. Doubtfire, the Thinker, and so many more!

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In Fashion and Sizzling Hot!

On the runway

The philosopher in question (Michael Moehler, director of the Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, on the right) has spoken: Nothing is more important than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking, at least on Giving Day!

PPE does Zoolander

Dr. Becca’s Wordplay

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Word nerds taking a break from Wordle were encouraged to join in on the fun of Dr. Becca’s Wordplay, an English-professor-endorsed-eschewing-of-the-dictionary challenge! Hokie Nation offered a range of preposterous definitions for a trio of words: fanfaronade, glossolalia, and sesquipedalian. In the video below, revel in definitions proposed by the five finalists before learning the winning entry.

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Battle of Shanks Hall

Battle of Shanks Hall

When two Virginia Tech titans — the School of Communication and the Department of English — sparred for most donors on Giving Day (and therefore bragging rights for a year in the building they share), you know words flew! The School of Communication took the lead with number of donors (164 vs. 155), but the Department of English raised more money ($10,249 vs. $6,772). They will both always be champions in our eyes.

Dean Testifies Before Congress on the Importance of Supporting the College

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We were convinced by Dean Laura Belmonte’s testimony on supporting the college. Congress may still be deadlocked, but Hokie Nation carried the motion on Giving Day.

Literary Endorsements for the Department of English

Geoffrey Chaucer

Jane Austen

Charles Dickens
William Shakespeare

The Department of English was gratified to receive endorsements from several famous authors.

Who Wore It Best?

Three Spidermans

What did the College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the College of Science have in common the first evening of Giving Day? They were all trailing our college on the Giving Day donor leaderboard!

Unfortunately, by the end of Giving Day (in the universe that prevailed at least), our college came in fifth place, having been bested by the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Cooperative Extension, the College of Engineering, and Athletics. There’s always next year.

Helping The Marching Virginians Blow Their Own Horns

Marching Virginians Infographic

The Marching Virginians received gifts totaling nearly $39,000 on Giving Day. That largesse could pay for nearly 39 piccolos, 6.5 halftime shows, or 4.3 tubas. And those tuba lessons for the Dean? Priceless.

Politicians Make Speeches on Behalf of the Department of Political Science


Thomas Jefferson

The Department of Political Science received political endorsements from across the aisle and across the pond.

More Endorsements!

Rhett Butler swears allegiance


Marcel Proust
Proust dunked his madeleine and then remembered: It’s Giving Day!

Prefer the Classics?

A new meaning for PPE

We started our storied tradition of Giving Day antics in 2018, the year Virginia Tech hosted its first Giving Day. Don’t miss highlights from previous years here.