Bestami Bilgiç, Department of Religion and Culture, and Tuba Bilgiç, Department of History, co-edited Turkish–American Relations since 1783 (Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2023).

Bestami’s individual contributions to the volume were “From the Initial Encounters till the Breakup of Official Relations, c. 1783–1917” and “Post-WWI Efforts for the Resumption of Official Relations between the United States and Turkey, 1919–1927,” pp. 1–14 and 15–28 respectively.

Tuba’s individual contributions were “U.S.–Turkish Relations in the 1990s: In Search of a New Alliance” and “U.S.–Turkish Relations between 2002 and 2022: ‘New Turkey,’ New Alliance,” pp. 73–100 and 101–36 respectively. In addition, both co-authored the Introduction and “Turkey and the United States – A Relationship of Cooperation and Discord,” pp. xi–xiii and 137–44 respectively.