Marian Mollin, History, was awarded a Charles DeBenedetti Award from the Peace History Society for her article, “The Solidarity of Suffering: Gender, Cross-Cultural Contact, and the Foreign Mission Work of Sister Ita Ford,” Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research 42.2 (April 2017): 232–52. In addition, Mollin edited Politics, Power, & Playboy: The American Mindset of the 1960s (Blacksburg: VT Publishing, 2019), a class project by students in the Department of History. The volume features the following by CLAHS undergraduates: Brett Kershaw, History and Political Science, “The Battle for Political Predominance: The Development of the California Conservative and Liberal Identity,” pp. 5–20; Abigail Simko, History, “John F. Kennedy: A Man of the People,” pp. 21–36; Seth Hendrickson, History, “Red on the Horizon: The Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty,” pp. 37–54; Brianna Sclafani, History, Sociology, and Criminology, “Atlanta’s Model Cities Program: A Boondoggle, Farce, and Ultimate Failure,” pp. 55–72; Frank Powell, History, “Comparing Rivals: Antiwar Protests at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech,” pp. 73–86; Kayla Mizelle, History, “SNCC Identity: From Interracial Nonviolence to Black Power,” pp. 87–103; Gia Theocharidis, History, “The Color of Culture: The Black Power Movement and American Popular Culture,” pp. 105–20; Claire Ko, History, “Black Is Beautiful: Mirroring the Media,” pp. 121–37; and Kaya McGee, History, “Cosmopolitan and Playboy: Complicated Beauty Ideals and 1960s Feminism,” pp. 139–54.