Jim A. Kuypers, a professor in the Department of Communication, edited The 2016 American Presidential Campaign and the News: Implications for American Democracy and the Republic (Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2018).

His individual contributions to the volume were “The 2016 Presidential Campaign, the News, and the Republic” and “News Media Framing of the Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches: Terministic Screens and the Discovery of the Worldview and Bias of the Press,”  pp. 1–9 and 101–32 respectively.

Kuypers and Communication faculty members Katherine Haenschen and Michael Horning published “Donald J. Trump’s Use of Twitter in the 2016 Campaign,” pp. 55–75.

The volume includes two additional contributions by Department of Communication faculty: Michael Horning, “The Pundit Problem: A Look at Bias and Negativity in Cable News Coverage as the 2016 Election Came to a Close”, pp. 77–99, and Natalia Mielczarek, “Iconographic Tracking of Pepe the Frog Meme through the 2016 Presidential Campaign,” pp. 155–80.