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Brand image for the #BridgeThePond Initiative of the European Parliament Liason Office in DC.

Outreach is one of the major pillars of the CEUTTSS mission. As such, the center seeks to enhance public awareness of EU policies, European affairs, and EU-US/transatlantic relations among the media, businesses, policy-makers, elementary and secondary school students, senior citizens and the general public.  We hope to help educate and train a new generation of scholars, experts and analysts by facilitating exposure to European cultures, societies, economics and politics.

Primary and Secondary Education

Meet Our Partners

CEUTTSS is working with Montgomery County Public Schools and the European Parliament Liason Office on the "Bridge the Pond" initiative, which brings students together from both sides of the Atlantic.

Flag of the European Union: With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
CEUTTSS is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence funded by the European Union