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Transatlantic Scholars

Program Overview:

The Center for European Union, Trans-Atlantic, and Trans-European Space Studies is partnering with the Virginia Council for Social Studies and K-12 schools  in Ireland and Virginia in a year-long project to develop collaborative solutions to common problems and promote active global citizenship.

In 2024-25 CEUTS and the VCSS will extend this partnership to educators and schools in France and Virginia who will collaborate in modern US History related projects, also with the goal to promote active global citizenship.

Program Outcomes:

Our goals for the Transatlantic Scholars program include:

For students

  • Inspire global citizenship
  • Ignite connections between students across the Atlantic
  • Broaden students’ horizons to other cultures and societies in Europe
  • Prepare students for their futures as active citizens and lifelong learners
  • Renew and extend connections between students within their own peer-communities.

For teachers

  • Provide professional development opportunities both with Virginia institutions and international educators 
  • Encourage transatlantic cooperation among social studies teachers
  • Develop cross-curricular, authentic social studies projects for students
  • Share cultural differences and find commonalities in teaching social studies across the Atlantic
  • Foster and build a network of transatlantic teachers, contacts, and institutions

Flag of the European Union: With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
CEUTTSS is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence funded by the European Union