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The Stakeholder Committee, as stipulated by Virginia Tech policy, governs the center, reviews its financial and administrative functions, and receives annual reports from the director as well as internal audit reports. 

Committee Chair

Laura Belmonte

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Committee Members

Name Designation
Mark Barrow Professor, Department of History
Brian Britt

Professor, Department of Religion and Culture

Daniel Breslau Head, Department of Science, Technology, and Society
Francois Debrix Director, ASPECT  
Ellington Graves

Director, Africana Studies Program

Program Manager, Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition (Strategic Growth Area)

Douglas Lind

Head, Department of Philosophy

Sally Morton Dean, College of Science
Carlos Evia  Professor, School of Communication
Susanna Rinehart

Associate Professor, School of Performing Arts

Karen Roberto

Director, Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment

Lucinda Roy

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Department of English

Brian Shabanowitz Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Ruth Waalkes Associate Provost for the Arts and Director, Moss Arts Center
Kenneth Wong

Director, Northern Virginia Center