ASPECT doctoral candidate Mary Ryan presented the following: “The Democratic Kaleidoscope in the United States: Vanquishing Structural Racism in the U.S. Federal Government” at the University Research Showcase for the Class of 1968 Alumni 50th Reunion, which was held on November 2 at The Inn at Virginia Tech; “Harvesting U.S. Democracy: The Kerner Commission on Police Brutality, White Supremacy, and Race” at the Northeastern Political Science Association 50th Annual Conference, which took place November 8–10 in Montreal, Canada; and “(Re)Collecting U.S. Democracy: Riots, Race, and the State of the Republic Through the Lens of the Kerner Commission” at the Northwestern University Graduate Student Conference in Political Theory, “Spectres of Domination: Politicizing the Terms of Resistance,” which was held November 16 in Evanston, Illinois.