Undergraduate Forms

The following undergraduate forms and procedures are used in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Forms should be submitted to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office in 200 Stanger Street (first floor of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building), unless otherwise indicated.

Form submission deadlines are listed on the University Registrar’s Website.

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students photo

Please note that only forms dated October 2018 will be accepted.

Students who wish to appeal their academic suspension for reasons other than medical issues should use this form.

If your appeal is based upon physical, psychiatric or disability/learning disability reasons, you will need a letter of recommendation from the appropriate office, as noted on page one of Schiffert Health Center, Cook Counseling, or Services with Students with Disabilities. To receive such a letter, you will need to complete an academic relief request for an additional probationary term.

Academic Appeals Petition (pdf)   

Use the following links to find guidelines and documents requiring your review and completion prior to meeting with the Associate Dean.

The deadline for applications for academic relief is one week before the last day of classes. Under most circumstances recommendations for retroactive course drops or resignations are not considered. The committee will consider circumstances where the student was hospitalized or otherwise disabled at the time when this decision would have been made and missed the application deadline during the previous semester. The student can apply for retroactive academic relief within 30 days of the beginning of the subsequent semester or 30 days after the student returns to the university. Former students who do not plan to return to Virginia Tech can also apply for retroactive relief.


Call 540-231-6770 to set up an appointment with the Dean to discuss your academic relief request.

Please use the appropriate form for Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere. 

  • Consult the University Registrar’s Transfer Guide to review the policies that apply to transfer credit. The transfer guide can help you determine how domestic credit will transfer back to Virginia Tech.
  • If the domestic course is not listed in the transfer guide, you will need to submit a course description or a syllabus for the course with your completed form.
  • Complete all fields on the form and have the appropriate person in your department sign it prior to turning it in to our office.  See the list below of the appropriate people in your department who can sign your form.
  • If you are studying abroad you will need to get a signature from the Global Education Office (526 Prices Fork Road, Room 131).
  • Turn in the completed form and course information to 200 Stanger Street. Transfer credit evaluations can take up to six weeks. Start this process early so that you will know how your credits will transfer before leaving the Virginia Tech campus.

The University has three periods for all students to change majors. You can access the change of major during these period through your Hokie SPA account. To add or drop a second major or minor or make your second major your primary major, use the Request to Change Second Major or Minor form.

  • Please use this form to add or drop a second major or minor only.
  • For a change of primary major outside of the normal periods, please see the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in 200 Stanger Street.

To change an option within your major, please contact your department.

 Change of Primary Major (pdf)

This form is for current College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students only. If you are a student outside our college, please see the Primary Change of Major information. To switch your primary major with your secondary major, please use the Request to Change Second Major to Primary Major.

Course Overload Request: (pdf)

  • Use this form if you would like to take over 19 credits in the fall or spring semesters or over 7 credits in summer session.
  • List all of the classes you are taking including the courses that will cause the course overload.
  • You are still responsible for adding the extra courses if your request is approved, unless you are adding an independent study or undergraduate research.
  • You will be emailed when your request is approved.

Course Withdrawal/ W Grade Policy: (pdf)  

  • Use this form if you would like to withdraw from a course after the drop deadline
  • If you have used your 3 withdraws, the Associate Dean cannot approve your request. The withdrawal policy is set by the University.
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss the change that you want to make. All withdraw requests require an advisor’s signature.
  • You will continue to show up in Scholar after you have withdrawn from the course. The course will remain on your schedule. In HokieSpa, it will have the grade mode of "Course Withdraw." A grade of “W” for the course will show up on your transcript after the end of the semester. 

Students should contact their academic advising office in their department of their primary major for appeal.

Financial Purge Reinstatement Form (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: Adding your courses back does not add you back to Canvas. Talk with your instructors to be added back to your Canvas course sites.   

Force Add requests must be processed by the department offering the course before the add/drop deadline. After the deadline, see the Late Force Add Request information section.

Request to Change a Course to Pass/Fail or A-F: (pdf)

  • Use this form to change the grade mode of the course before the deadline.
  • Review the pass/fail policies in the Undergraduate Catalog. Meet with your advisor to discuss the changes you wish to make.


Request to Change Final Exam Time: (pdf)

  • Use this form if you have 3 or more exams within a 24-hour period or there is a conflict with an exam time.
  • The Associate Dean will not approve exam change requests due to travel, business, or family plans.
  • List all exam dates and times on the form.
  • Meet with the instructor of the exam you wish to change. Discuss with them a new time for your exam. They must sign your form approving the new time.

Request to Change Second Major to Primary Major (pdf)

  • Students within the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences - this form can be accepted anytime.
  • Students outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences – this form can ONLY be accepted during the Change of Primary Major Dates.  

Request to Change Course Credit Hours (pdf)

  •  Use this form to change the credit hours of the course before the deadline.
  • Meet with your instructor and advisor to discuss the changes you wish to make and provide a clear explanation in the comment box.

Request to Late Force Add a Course: (pdf) 

  • Use this form if ALL of the following criteria are met:
    • Your primary major is in our college
    • It is after the first week of courses and the add period has ended
    • There are no holds on your account
    • You have signficiant evidence of extenuating circumstances for the late add

Request to Late Drop a Course: (pdf)

  • Use this form if ALL of the following criteria are met:
    • Your primary major is in our college
    • It is after the late drop deadline for the current semester
    • There are no holds on your account
    • You have significant evidence of extenuating circumstances for the late drop.

Resignation/Withdrawal from Term (Procedures and form)

  • Completion of this form will remove you from all classes during the semester or session indicated. 
  • If you are resigning prior to the start of the semester/session listed, the form should be submitted directly to the University Registrar. 
  • If you are resigning after the start of the semester/session, you will be required to meet with the Associate Dean (540-231-6770). 
  • Resigning/withdrawing from a semester may impact your financial aid, US visa for international students, athletic eligibility, or university housing. 
  • There are specific rules that apply to students in the Corps of Cadets. 
  • Visit the University Registrar's website for more information and how your resignation will affect your tuition reimbursement.

The process of substituting courses is considered on a case-by-case basis in individual departments. Talk with your advisor about substitutions.

Undergraduate Research & Independent Study Request: (pdf)

  • Use this form to request an undergraduate research or independent study and:
    • You are a primary or secondary major in our college
  • All fields and signatures are required.
  • You must submit a description of the research or study that includes objectives, expected outcomes, and the method of evaluation.
  • If approved, the course will be added to your schedule using the CRN provided on the form.
  • You must submit a course overload request if this course will cause you to exceed the maximum allowable credits for a semester or session (19 credit hours for fall or spring, 7 for a summer session).