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Mission and Strategic Plan

The School of Communication's mission is to develop and enhance understanding of communication processes and their effects on individuals, organizations, culture, and society. The school meets its mission through discovery, learning, and engagement focused on creation, distribution, and interpretation of messages through media systems. We create and share knowledge about the interaction of messages and media within historical, economic, technological, and cultural environments.

The School of Communication offers five undergraduate majors: Advertising, Communication, Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations, and Sports Media and Analytics. These majors lead to a B.A. in Communication. The five majors, each grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum, prepare students for careers in journalism, broadcasting, digital media production, public relations, advertising, sports media, business, public service, government, and professional specializations, such as law. Coursework in the school focuses on strategic, theoretical, and practical application of message creation, delivery, and analysis. Graduates from each major are prepared to apply their skills immediately in various professional settings or continue their studies in graduate school.