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Academic Programs

Academic Programs. Discover how society  and social behavior impact the world.
Kwame Harrison and Trevor Jamerson, faculty members

We offer two majors: sociology and criminology. We also have four minors: diversity and community engagement; peace studies and social justice; sociology; and gender, science, and technology. The programs we offer span a variety of disciplines and feature classes taught by our highly specialized faculty members.



Graduate Programs

Our department offers two graduate programs in Sociology: the 30-hour M.S. and the 90-hour Ph.D.  Students receive comprehensive training in research design, quantitative and qualitative methods and sociological theory across diverse areas of specialization.  We are strongly committed to supporting student research through close interactions between faculty and students. Students can also use their open courses to concentrate in Women's and Gender Studies or Africana Studies. Click here to learn more and access our graduate programs home page