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Peace Studies and Social Justice Minor

**Available to students graduating after fall 2022.**

The minor incudes multidisciplinary coursework in fields related to a vision of a global civil society based on nonviolence and ethical values.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Peace Studies Courses (6 Hours)

Root Causes and Acts of Violence,  (6 Hours)

Strategies for Reducing Violence and Promoting Peace (3 Hours)

Data and Information (3 Hours)

What You'll Study

A minor in peace studies and social justice will help you develop the skills needed to become the next generation of peace scholars and activists. Be empowered to lead by designing and developing strategies to reduce violence, promoting non-violence, and building a more peaceful and just society. The minor will build a foundational understanding of the causes and consequences of violence and strategies for peacefully managing conflict. It will address how social justice, peace, and violence are intertwined and manifested in the real world; why they matter; and what gives rise to them.

Students will be prepared for graduate programs in political science, history, sociology, communications, global studies, and law school. 

This minor is part of the Pathways to General Education.

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