Fellowships Offering Full Year Stipend for Advanced Doctoral Students

Research Grants (Examples)

Academic Organizations: Funding for Graduate Students (Examples)

Recommendations for Graduate Student Fellowship and Grant Applications

Tips on Writing Proposals (Graduate Students)

  • Write persuasively, clearly, and intelligently

  • Define the project’s purpose and goals

  • Address educated generalists and specialists in the field

  • Define an ambitious but realistic work plan

  • Proclaim the uniqueness of your project

  • Outline, write, revise, solicit reviews, revise again

Tips on Integrating Proposal Writing into a Successful Graduate Career

  • Keep a list of potential fellowships with deadlines

  • Consult with multiple mentors about timing and selection of applications

  • Start by seeking smaller travel / short term funding

  • Apply for multiple fellowships 

  • Take classes and complete workshops on grant writing

  • Integrate proposal writing with other kinds of writings (dissertation prospectus, chapters, articles, and presentations)

Workshop: Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants 

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants provide support to advanced graduate students to conduct research for their doctoral dissertations. This workshop will discuss grants in the social sciences, including current programs from the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Studies, American Sociological Association, and American Political Science Association. The workshop will include an overview of these grants, advice on preparing an application, and guidance from faculty (Barbara Allen, Sarah Ovink, and Lee Vinsel). The workshop is intended for graduate students and faculty advisors in doctoral programs. The workshop will take place over zoom, and registration is required.