Release Date 2011-09-15
Publisher Macmillan Education UK
EAN/ISBN 9780230294349
Author(s) Neal King 
Summary Contents.- Introduction.- A Personal and Procedural Note.- PART I: KEY DETAILS.- Cast.- Crew.- Other Details.- Ratings, by Nation.- PART II: PRODUCTION AND MARKETING.- The Turns of Events.- The Needs of Groups.- The Final Push.- PART III: RATING CENSORSHIP.- Deference in Hollywood.- Support for violence.- Defiance in New Zealand.- Titillation.- Horror.- The Fate of a Prophet.- Conclusion.- PART IV: EVANGELICAL RECEPTION.- Dangers of Media Violence.- Uses of Nedia Violence.- The Scholars and Violence.- Redemption through Media Violence.- Stolen Fire.- PART V: THE PLOTTING.- Narrative Structure.- Character Focus.- Undermotivation.- PART VI: THE SENTENCING.- Synopsis.- The Finished Version.- Caiphas's Curse.- PART VII: CONCLUSION.- PART VIII.- Appendix A: Christian Watchdog Sites.- Appendix B: References.