Release Date (updated) March 2022; (originally published February 2018)
Publisher WileyPublishing
EAN/ISBN 978-1-118-78422-8
Contributing Author(s)  Kristin Gehsmann

The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching explores the theoretical and practical aspects of English language instruction by providing an essential, go-to reference resource for educators, professionals, researchers, and students world-wide. Over 750 entries written by leading practitioners and scholars from around the globe reflect the collaborative efforts of a truly international team of editors and advisory board members.

The Encyclopedia is arranged thematically and entries are ordered A-Z within each of these themes. Fifteen key topic areas are covered:

  • Approaches & Methods
  • Assessment
  • English as an International Language
  • NNESTs
  • Organizational Issues
  • Sociocultural Aspects
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Writing
  • Technology
  • Training & Development
  • Current Trends and Future Directions in English Language Teaching (online only)

Each entry is organized into three sections: “Framing the Issue,” “Making the Case,” and “Pedagogical Implications,” in which the Author presents proven applications and recommendations that may be immediately employed.

Unparalleled in scope, The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching is an indispensable professional resource for all ELT/ESL practitioners everywhere. This work is also available as an online resource at