Subtitle What Great Principals Know and Do
Release Year 2021
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
EAN/ISBN 978-1475855692
Author(s) John R. Gratto

The issues addressed in this easy to read book address the most common issues faced by new or veteran principals such as: attributes of successful principals, leading instructional improvement, crafting a school improvement plan, overcoming resistance from naysayers, leading effective teams, creating conditions for the success of teachers, motivating unmotivated staff, increasing the attendance of students, handling disciplinary issues to help students become self-managed, communication strategies to build respect for the school, maximizing the use of time, and handling conflict productively. It also contains a chapter entitled, “Friendly Advice” with prudent advice for school leaders in any stage of their career.

The proven strategies in each chapter are based upon bedrock principles—unassailable values that will help principals ground their actions in student-centered, achievement-oriented, relationship-filled leadership.

In short, Inside the Schoolhouse is a compendium of dozens of practical, proven strategies to enable principals to flourish in their highly important roles.