Title/Subtitle Citizenship After Trump | Democracy versus Authoritarianism in a Post-Pandemic Era
Publisher Routledge

EAN/ISBN  978-1032214832

Release Date April 2022  
Scott Nelson & Bradley Klein


In "Citizenship After Trump," political theorists Bradley S. Klein and Scott G. Nelson explore the meaning of community in the context of intense political polarization, the surge of far-right nationalism and deepening divisions during the coronavirus pandemic.

With both Trumpism and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic greatly testing American democracy, the authors examine the political, economic and cultural challenges that remain after the Trump Administration’s exceedingly inept leadership response. They explore the promise and limits of democracy relative to long-standing traditions of American political thought. The book argues that all Americans should consider the claims of citizenship amidst the forces consolidating today around narrow conceptions of race, nation, ethnicity and religion—each of which imperils the institutions of democracy and strikes at the heart of the country’s political culture. Chapters on the media, political economy, fascism and social democracy explore what Americans have gotten so wrong politically and considers what kind of vision can, in the years ahead, lead the country out of a truly dangerous impasse.

"Citizenship After Trump" is an invaluable and timely resource for self-critical analysis and will stimulate focused discussions about as yet unexplored regions of America’s political history.