Author, Illustrator Shelby Hoefling (BS in Human Development, ’13)
Release Date
Publisher Shelby Hoefling
ISBN 978-1733950404

Mac absolutely loves his Grandma, but he misses her terribly! They have the best time when they spend time together but unfortunately Mac's Grandma lives far away and can't be with him as often as he would like. Luckily, in this day and age, Mac and Grandma can actually see each other and spend time together even when they are thousands of miles apart.

They do not have to rely on a phone call or letter in which they can't even see each other as they talk, they've got video chat!

Read along and have fun with Grandma and Mac now that... Grandma's in the Phone!

Learn how to bring quality conversations and interactions to video chat conversations between grandchildren and their Grandmas just like Mac and Grandma. Best of all, this book will not only help virtual students succeed, but will also teach you life lessons to keep with you well beyond this current pandemic.