In an age of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, the humanities serve as a North Star.

The Virginia Tech community and general public are invited to explore critical topics and more through ethical and social perspectives during Virginia Tech Humanities Week, Oct. 22-27. Events include in-person and virtual panel discussions, Q&As, and interactive activities.

Humanities Week is hosted by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences along with centers, schools, and departments within the college and the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design.

Why attend

Virginia Tech Humanities Week will explore a variety of topics facing humanity, from prison reform to artificial intelligence to the meaning of home. Guests will have an opportunity to share ideas, learn new perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of the role of the humanities in society.

Featured events

From Jail to Yale: Humanities Week Keynote Address by George Chochos

During his nearly 12 years in prison, Chochos earned multiple college degrees through prison education programs. Chochos completed a master’s degree at Yale University following his release from prison. He now works for a social justice organization based in Washington, D.C.

His keynote address will focus on prison education initiatives and the power of a humanities education. Learn more about Chochos.

Differ We Must: Lecture and Book Signing with Steve Inskeep, co-host of National Public Radio’s "Morning Edition"

Inskeep will discuss his latest book, “Differ We Must,” which uncovers Abraham Lincoln's ability to bridge political divides. The event is sponsored by the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies and features a lecture from Inskeep and a book signing.

Is This Home? Sharing Stories and Art About Making Home in Southwest Virginia

Experience an examination of what “home” is through a range of storytelling techniques, from traditional storytelling to spoken word, dance, and song – creating a space that is respectful of diverse forms of cultural expression.

For the full schedule and registration details, visit the Humanities Week homepage.

Written by Andrew G Adkins