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Giving Day 2022

Some of the world’s most famous authors, philosophers, and politicians are offering their endorsements of our college on February 23–24.

Dean dressed as George Washington
Our fearless dean decided to dabble in the many disciplines in our college, and we give her props for her props: A tuba! A Viking helmet! A leopard-skin pillbox hat!

Could there possibly be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking? A philosopher in our college has pondered that essential, timeless question — and finally answered it!

At the same time, some of the world’s most famous authors, philosophers, and politicians have offered endorsements for programs in our college. (You won’t believe number 7!)

And our fearless dean has donned a Viking helmet, 17th-century garb, and even a tuba to demonstrate the breadth of disciplines in our college.

Once again the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is up to its Giving Day shenanigans. Previews of the highlights are beginning to appear below; visit this page in the next few days to see more of our antics. And please consider giving to any fund in our college between February 23 at noon and February 24 at noon, with our thanks!

In Fashion and Sizzling Hot!

On the runway

The philospher has spoken: Nothing is more important than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking!

PPE does Zoolander

She’s Ready for Her Close-Up

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Dean: Now a Major Motion Picture

What started as a “leaked” tape is now a major motion picture (we’re pretty sure). Starring James Madison as a Viking princess, William Howard Taft as himself, and our intrepid dean, Laura Belmonte, as George Washington, the Deanasaurus, a Marching Virginian, Norma Desmond, a Valkyrie, Rhett Butler, Mrs. Doubtfire, the Thinker, and so many more!

Dr. Becca’s Wordplay

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Tired of dictionaries providing the final word? Here’s your chance to invent your own preposterous definitions! Word nerds taking a break from Wordle are encouraged to join in on the fun of Dr. Becca’s Wordplay, an English-professor-endorsed-breaking-of-the-rules challenge!

Well, the challenge itself has rules, of course. View those here (as well as the words to be defined and the generous prize) — and have fun!

Battle of Shanks Hall

Battle of Shanks Hall

When two titans — the School of Communication and the Department of English — spar for most donors on Giving Day (and therefore bragging rights for a year in the building they share), you know words will fly!

Dean Testifies Before Congress on the Importance of Supporting the College

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We’re convinced! But are they?

Literary Endorsements for the Department of English

Jane Austen
Geoffrey Chaucer
Charles Dickens
William Shakespeare

Who Wore It Best?

Three Spidermans

What do the College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the College of Science have in common? They’re trailing our college on the Giving Day leaderboard, as of this writing. And they’re all sorry that the Pamplin College of Business still leads us all! (At least in this multiverse.)

Politicians Make Speeches on Behalf of the Department of Political Science

Thomas Jefferson

What Costs More than a Tuba?

Marching Virginians Infographic

More Endorsements!

Rhett Butler swears allegiance
Marcel Proust
Proust dunked his madeleine and then remembered: It’s Giving Day!
Immanuel Kant