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Upali Bhattacharya

Upali Bhattacharya

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Upali Bhattacharya

Degree: Ph.D
Previous Education: Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, M.A Sociology, 2018

Research and Interests: Higher Education, Digital Inclusion and Education, Social Stratification, Gender adnd Work

Bio: After graduating with a Master's in Sociology, I worked in the domain of higher education and social impact in India. I worked closely on a policy document that outlines a five-year action plan on higher education for higher education institutions in India, with a special focus on how technology can be used to make education more accessible.

Awards/Honors: Krishna Raj Summer Travel Fellowship, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics, 2017

Publications: Bhattacharya, U. (2021, February 23). The Art of Meaning-Making: Museums as Spaces of Performance. Https://

Twitter: @upali208

Quote: "Respect Differences." -Dr. Anjali BhatiaDescription here.