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Emalee Money

Emalee Money

Name, Title
Emalee Money

Degree: Masters
Previous Education: English Literature BA and Sociology BA, Western Carolina University 2020

Research and Interests: Myth-making, memory, socio-linguistics, and historical land acknowledgements and treaties

Awards and Honors: Honors College 2020

Presentations and Professional Conferences: (2020) Money, Emalee. “Lily-White: Valley of the Lilies and WCU’s Intertwined History with the EBCI” standalone talk given at Western Carolina University, March 4th, 2020. (2019) Money, Emalee. “The Marigolds Didn’t Grow: The Demise of Pecola and Mother Earth in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Lee Weisert’s Both Man and Beast and the Creeping Thing.” Presented at the Plant Your Thoughts Conference, Western Carolina University, Nov. 15th 2019. (2019) Money, Emalee. “Daisy’s Decisions or Lack Thereof: Bipolar II, Daisy Buchanan, and The Great Gatsby” Presented at the 2019 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, April 11th, 2019. (2018) Money, Emalee. “Family Separation and Trauma as it Relates to the USA and Edwidge Danticat’s The Farming of Bones.” Presented at the Defining America Conference, Western Carolina University, Nov. 2018.