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Environment, Social Movements, and Work

This specialization area examines cross-cutting sociocultural, political-economic, and environmental issues such as community resilience and vulnerability; social movements; environmental, food, and climate justice; paid and unpaid labor; power and hegemony; globalization; sustainable development; hazards and disasters; governance and public policy, and organizational relationships.

Relevant Electives:
SOC 2004 – Social Problems
SOC 2024 – Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC 3314 – Social Movements
SOC 3404 – Environmental Justice
SOC 3614 – Gender and Work in the US

Potential Careers:
Sustainability Officer / Director / Entrepeneur
Environmental Educator / Advocate
Ecotourism Manager / Guide / Liaison
Legal and Policy Researcher / Analyst
Volunteer Coordinator
Non-Profit Director / Program Manager
Grant Writer
Fundraising / Development Specialist