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Culture, Knowledge, and Identities


This specialization area examines culture as a blueprint for and product of human values, beliefs and related behavior. Considers knowledge as it relates to power, agency, and adaptive change. Analyzes processes by which people identify themselves and others as belonging to collective groups; therefore, we recognize identity as fluid, negotiated, intersecting, and manifested through social interaction.

Relevant Electives:
SOC 2014 – Sociology of Intimate Relationships
SOC 2264 – Race, Class, Gender, and Sexualities
SOC 3014 – Gender Relations
SOC 3144 – Language and Ethnicity in the US
SOC 4014 – Sociology of the Family
SOC 4114 – The Sociology of Popular Music

Potential Careers:
Teacher / Instructor
Education Administrator
Research Consultant
Human Resource Officer
Recruitment / Talent Specialist
Inclusivity Consultant
Equal Opportunity Officer