Release Date 2021-6-8
Publisher Pearson
EAN/ISBN 978-0134985053
Author(s) Kristin M. Geshmann and Shane Templeton

A comprehensive, accessible guide to developmentally and culturally responsive literacy instruction

Teaching Reading and Writing: The Developmental Approach
 gives pre-service and experienced teachers the knowledge and tools they need to teach reading and writing effectively in a developmentally responsive and integrated way, while meeting the diverse needs of students in PreK-8 classrooms. The book reflects an integrated model of literacy instruction based on the understanding that reading and writing are developmental processes, presenting the essential components of literacy in every chapter.

Designed to encourage teaching in a student-centered, research-based way, the book begins with assessment to help readers learn to identify students' stages of development as a means for determining not only what to teach, but when and how to teach it. Foundational chapters address the nature of development, while additional chapters are devoted to exploring each stage of development. Using a conversational tone to present a wealth of content on both print-based and digital literacy, this book helps readers connect theory to practice through real classroom vignettes and sample lessons; authentic student work samples; and tools for organizing and managing a comprehensive, developmentally responsive literacy program.

The 2nd Edition includes new learning outcomes, step-by-step features, at-a-glance development characteristics tables, and practical classroom resource appendices to help highlight important concepts and practices that pre-service teachers can use in their classrooms. Every chapter features updated, inclusive recommended literature lists across genres and cultures; more integrated, updated content on digital literacy; and up-to-date research on literacy development, instruction, assessment, and intervention.