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Political Science Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by the university and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, we offer program-specific scholarships in political science.


Students for Caitlin Millar Hammaren Memorial Scholarship are nominated by faculty.

Please contact Kim Hedge for further information.

(540) 231-8477

Virginia Tech undergraduate students who are pursuing a major in Political Science who demonstrate exemplary leadership skills in their campus and/or community are eligible for this competitive, endowed scholarship.  Generally two $500 scholarships are awarded to an undergraduate at each competition.  In the Spring semester of each year, complete applications will be due by March 15th, with the awards announced in April.


This is a merit based scholarship and all political science majors who demonstrate exemplary leadership skills are eligible.  No FAFSA is required.  

Please submit the following:

1)    A completed application form. 

2)    A copy (does NOT have to be an official copy) of your Virginia Tech transcript.

3)    A résumé. 

4)    A nomination letter from a PSCI faculty member, sealed in an envelope.

5)    A one to two page essay documenting your exemplary leadership skills on campus and/or in your community. 

Application Open Dates: Year Round

Deadline: March 15

Application Form: Submit Form 

Contact Person: Kim Hedge 


We offer qualified students assistantships awarded on the basis of academic merit. Students who are awarded assistantships receive monthly stipends in exchange for assisting faculty in teaching or research. Students must enroll for at least twelve hours of graduate credit each semester to be eligible for financial assistance and must make acceptable progress toward the degree to have assistance renewed from semester to semester. 

Duration of Funding

We normally offer 2 years of Assistantships for funded M.A students. Contracts are for one year, with renewal depending on progress in the degree program and satisfactory performance of assistantship duties. 

Benefits of Assistantships

Assistantships provide these benefits:


-Tuition waiver

-Health insurance program (see the Graduate School benefits page for details)

Applying for Funding

A question on the Graduate School application for graduate admission asks whether you want to be considered for a teaching assistantship. If you check yes, you will respond to additional questions and be added to our list of candidates. All new positions begin in the fall semester.

Please note that you do not require separate applications to be considered for Graduate Assistantships. 

Application Open Dates: Same as admissions

Deadline: February 1

Contact Person: Sarah Harvey


Department and faculty members may nominate Graduate Students for Assistantships and Fellowships