Thursday Nov. 16 | 6:30 p.m.

Text reads "All of Us Together in the End is a lyrical examination of transformation after loss."

Join us for our fall virtual book discussion featuring All of Us Together in the End. Professor of English and director of creative writing programs,  Matthew Vollmer, will host a conversation about his recently published family memoir described as "an elegiac affirmation of the awesome, strange, otherworldly ways our loved ones remain alive to us, even when they are out of reach."

Registration is $25, which includes the cost of the book and a $5 donation to support the Engagement Center for Creative Aging, in memory of Vollmer's mother, who passed away from early-onset Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

About the Author

As a teacher and writer, Matthew Vollmer seeks to cultivate — in himself and students — an appetite for the countless ways that human consciousness can be represented, and thus the different forms that language — and story — can take.

Vollmer has become increasingly interested in genre: how genre dictates the shape, sound, and appearance of our information; how genre defines boundaries and sets limitations. He believes that if we acknowledge that the rules of the game are often dictated by our genres — categories in which particular types of communication-events take place, according to whatever prescripted patterns the genre in question demands — then the experience of inhabiting a particular genre, of understanding its conventions in order to discover ways to expand it, to break it apart, and make something new, can be an incredibly liberating — if not essential — exercise for writers to engage in. It is, therefore, an activity Vollmer is committed to exploring further, both in the classroom and in his own writing. 

To learn more about Vollmer, visit his personal website