Title Marijuana in America
Cultural, Political, and Medical Controversies
Publisher ABC-CLIO
EAN/ISBN 978-1440869631
Release Date March 2022
James Hawdon, Bryan Lee Miller, and Matthew Costello


This A–Z encyclopedia provides a broad and evenhanded overview of America's complex relationship with marijuana, examining political, recreational, cultural, medical, and economic aspects of marijuana use both historically and in the present day.

Marijuana in America is an accessible and comprehensive exploration of the many changes in medical, legal, and cultural issues surrounding cannabis in the United States. This multidisciplinary volume features contributions from several different fields to explain all facets of marijuana, including its chemical composition, evolving depictions in popular culture, and historical, legal, and social settings in which marijuana use occurs.

A mix of coverage provides readers with a full and accurate understanding of the spectrum of issues and controversies swirling around marijuana today, including: the changing legal landscape pertaining to the sale, possession, and use of marijuana, both at the state and federal levels; the factual basis for arguments for and against so-called “medical marijuana”; claims that marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs; changing cultural attitudes about marijuana and “potheads”; economic arguments for and against marijuana legalization; and the impact of marijuana on families, communities, the economy, and the criminal justice system.


  • Detailed, authoritative, and evenhanded coverage of all medical, legal, cultural, and economic aspects of legal and illegal marijuana in America.
  • Information sources for further research included in each entry.
  • Timeline of legal, cultural, and social events and trends concerning marijuana and its use in the United States.
  • Contributions from several different fields giving the volume a multidisciplinary focus.