Subtitle A Reference Handbook
Publisher ABC-CLIO/Greenwood
EAN/ISBN 978-1440840746
Edition Title Second Edition
Release Date 2016-01-18
Author(s) Donald J. Shoemaker and Timothy W. Wolfe


Authoritative, current, and easy to use, this book is an outstanding resource for readers looking to gain an accurate and thorough understanding of American juvenile justice.

Juvenile delinquency has been of interest to the general public and academic scholars for many decades—and it has been an ongoing societal problem for the same amount of time. Delinquency covers a range of behaviors from minor offenses, such as trespassing or vandalism, to the more serious crimes often associated with gangs that include murder. Juvenile Justice: A Reference Handbook puts juvenile justice under the microscope, surveying its long history and key issues, exploring the myriad of problems and controversies tied to the juvenile justice system, and explains how policymakers and legal professionals have tried to solve these vexing issues.

The book first presents historical and contemporary discussions of juvenile justice, especially in the United States. The next chapters address problems, controversies, and possible solutions for juvenile justice; present insightful, diverse perspectives from leading experts; and profile important figures in the juvenile justice system and the field of crime and delinquency. The book also contains data and primary documents that show who gets processed through the juvenile justice system and for what kinds of criminal acts.

Among its features, the book:

  • Presents historical and contemporary data in an easy-to-understand fashion that survey the complex history of the juvenile justice system and allow readers to better comprehend the key issues
  • Includes a perspectives chapter that enables readers to hear voices from individuals with different backgrounds who are concerned with juvenile justice
  • Provides an ideal resource for general readers who want to learn more about the history and current events concerning juvenile justice as well as students without previous background knowledge of the subject
  • Contains a chronology of key moments in the history of juvenile justice in the United States as well as a glossary of key terms and definitions to guide the reader