Subtitle The Darksome Dozen: 13 Stories Form Bangla’s Master storytellers
Publisher Katha
EAN/ISBN 978-8187649014
Release Date 2000-02-01
Author(s) Suchitra Samanta

13 ghost stories representative of an entire corpus of Bangla literature - they thrill to the supernatural, skilfully treading the thin line between the shadowy recesses of the nether world and the equally inaccessible creations of deluded minds.

These evocative stories feature female protagonists who speak of women’s experiences universally - of rape, love, loneliness, betrayal, social marginality - complex emotions expressed in an idiom that is quintessentially Bengali. These are indeed powerful women who comment and act, from beyond the pale and from within this life, upon the world of the living.

Eerie and elusive, cautionary and compelling - these ghost stories enchant with their whimsy as much as they thrill with their suggestion of menace ...