Release Date 2009-12-31
Publisher AMS Press of New York
EAN/ISBN 978-0404638573
Edition Title Volume 7
Editor(s) Lynnette Young Overby and Billie Lepczyk
Summary Contents: Lynette Young Overby, “Introduction: Dance: Current Selected Research: A Retrospective”; Ciane Fernandes, “Aesthetics and Healing: Authentic Movement in Dance-Theater Composition”; Teresa L. Heiland, “Constructionist Dance Literacy: Unleashing the Potential of Motif Notation”; Becky Dyer, “Increasing Psychosomatic Understanding through Laban Movement Analysis and Somatic-Oriented Frameworks: Connections of Performance Processes to Knowledge Construction”; Billie Lepczyk, “The Seven Movements of Dancing Viewed through Laban Movement Analysis”; Martha Eddy, “The Role of Dance in Violence Prevention Programs for Youth”; Mila Parrish, “Enhancing Accessibility: Interactive Gateway Creating Online Curriculum for Dance Education”; Douglas Risner, “Dancing Boys Lives: A Study of Male Participation in Pre-Professional Dance Training and Education in the United States”; Alba Vieira, “The Movements of Traditional and Transgressive Dance Teaching in Brazilian Higher Education: A Case Study”; Becky Dyer, “Finding Self, Honoring Learners: Sociopolitical Reflections on the Teaching of American Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory”; Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez, “The Impact of Participation in the Creative Dance Clubs on the Social, Personal, and Cognitive Growth of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Students at PS 722.”