Trevor T. Stewart, Bob Fecho, Dawan Coombs, Rachel Knecht, Emelio DiSabato





Release Date

Feb. 2024


This book invites readers to explore the complexity of becoming a teacher through the stories of two novice ELA teachers, Emelio and Rachel, over the course of their first two years. The authors’ detailed, empathetic, and ethnographic approach allows space for the teachers to reveal little-seen and often overlooked "wobble moments." These moments illuminate the complexity and nuances that confront, confound, and compel teachers to remain in dialogue with practice. Documenting the journeys of two teachers with compassion and intellectual rigor, this book provides insights into and challenges preconceived notions of what it means to be a teacher. It is essential reading for preservice teachers, scholars, and researchers in English education, as well as individuals considering teaching as a profession.