Editors Cornell Thomas, Charles Lowery, & Anthony Walker
Publisher Kendall Hunt Publishers
EAN/ISBN 978-1524936138
Release Date July 31, 2017

* Just what is reality?
* Is reality created by the way individuals interpret and bring meaning to their experiences and thoughts of others past and present?
* Or does reality consist of parallel perceptions of experiences with the individuals in control forcing their reality on others?

Quantum Realities: Educational Truthtelling in an Era of Alternative Facts answers these questions, from multiple perspectives, and proposes how other forms of reality might be worth of more consideration as we strive to eradicate much of the social, political, economic, and educational disparities that currently plague our great nation.

Anthony Walker, Charles Lowery, and Cornell Thomas’ Quantum Realities includes readings on moral philosophy, democratic educational thruth, intentional inclusion, moral elements of philosophy, a furture for our country, and much more. The publication also includes Anthony Walker’s Power of Words: A Letter to Learners.

To facilitate learning, introductions, conclusions, and references are included for all 14 readings. In addition, questions are included at the end of each reading to spark classroom discussion and debate.