Subtitle Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 3
Publisher Prufrock Press
EAN/ISBN 978-1-61821-467-6
Release Date 2015-11-30
Author(s) Amy Price Azano, Tracy Missett, and Carolyn Callahan
Summary The CLEAR curriculum, developed by the University of Virginia’s National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, is an evidence-based teaching model that emphasizes Challenge Leading to Engagement, Achievement, and Results. In Poetry and Fairy Tales: Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 3, students will read and analyze various forms of poetry and write their own poetry anthology. They will learn how to identify and use figurative language to create concrete images from abstract ideas. In the fairy tales unit, students will study fairy tales and folklore to understand how and why societal norms and mores are culturally transmitted. These units focus on critical literacy that includes reading diverse sources, understanding bias and cultural contexts, and creating informed consumers of information.