Subtitle tres obras de Alejandro Ricaño
Publisher LATR Books
EAN/ISBN 978-1467536554
Release Date 2012-01-01
Editor(s) Jacqueline E. Bixler
Author(s) Alejandro Ricaño
Summary Through the effective use of dark humor and irony, young Mexican playwright Alejandro Ricaño takes on some of the harsh realities of present-day Mexico in the three plays included in this new collection. Reflecting the violence, drug-trafficking, impunity and insecurity that has haunted the country in recent years, Más pequeños que el Guggenheim, Idiotas contemplando la nieve and Timboctou confront Mexico's most pressing issues without further demoralizing a weary public. While the language is colloquial and the context is contemporary Mexico, the themes of friendship, family, professional struggles and personal crises will resonate with the universal reader. Ricaño's three plays remind readers that laughter is sometimes the best weapon available in combating seemingly hopeless realities.