Subtitle Theory and Practice
Publisher Springer Publishing Company
EAN/ISBN 978-0826194565
Release Date 2015-08-13
Editor(s) Graham D. Rowles and Pamela B. Teaster
Summary This is a comprehensive graduate textbook focusing on the full spectrum of long-term care settings ranging from family and community-based care through supportive housing options to a variety of institutional long-term care alternatives. Integrating theory and practice, the book features the perspectives of diverse fields regarding current long-term care options and new directions for the future. Prominent scholars from history, environmental design, family caregiving, social service delivery, clinical care, health service delivery, public policy, finance, law, and ethics explore such themes as:
  • Relationships among independence, dependence, and interdependence
  • Ethical considerations woven into the provision of long-term care
  • Decision making in long-term care
  • Fluidity in long-term care
  • The lived experience of long-term care
  • A micro--macro perspective ranging from the individual to societal institutions
The book examines future directions for long-term care, considering such factors as the interface of technology and long-term care, cultural diversity, and relationships between voluntary and paid services. Each chapter includes case examples, study questions, exercises, additional resources, and website links. An extensive glossary of terms is also provided, and instructors' resources are available.