Subtitle The American Mindset of the 1960s
Publisher Virginia Tech University Libraries 
EAN/ISBN 978-1949373103
Release Date 2019-09-08
Seth Hendrickson, Brett Kershaw, Kaya McGee, Claire Ko, Kayla Mizelle, Frank Powell, Abigail Simko, Brianna Sclafani, Gia Theocharidis, Marian Mollin (editor)

Students in the Department of History at Virginia Tech explore 1960s history in America — an era of trials and tribulations, protest and power, resistance and reluctance, beauty and blackness.

The 1960s housed a series of unprecedented events that altered the course of American history. Gone were the days of compliance, and a new dawn of change was on horizon. This edited collection tracks this turbulent time of social and political upheaval with a centralized focus on political tension, cultural reform, and defiance of societal expectation.