Subtitle Postcards from the Pandemic
Publisher King Smith Studios
EAN/ISBN 1300650966, 978-1300650966
Release Date August 2, 2021
Leslie King
Summary magine stumbling upon a timeworn box of postcards. Maybe you are exploring a flea market, a museum, or even a dusty attic. You are compelled to look closer and read the one-sided correspondence on the cards. Perhaps you wonder about the writer, the addressee, and the images themselves. And maybe, just maybe, you find yourself time-traveling as you experience the life witnessed in these intimate missives. This is the premise behind L.S. King's "Dear B.J.: Postcards from the Pandemic" - her creative non-fiction interpretation of life in Appalachia during the COVID-19 pandemic, as imagined through intimate postcard-sized images and one side of a written correspondence. The author photographer approached her visual chronicle of the pandemic land and building scapes through her signature modern Pictorialism style. The original images are limited-edition photopolymer gravures, which is a process that combines photography and printmaking.