Subtitle A Novel
Publisher Lethe Press
Release Date 2017-10-01
Author(s) Jeff Mann
Summary Mountaintop removal is a contentious environmental, economic, and social issue tearing at the heart of Appalachia. What happens when corrupt coal-company owners go head-to-head with an ancient vampire? Insatiable weaves a story filled with danger, vindication, and victory as readers fly through the night with the protagonists, Derek and his boyfriend, Matt. Derek happens to be an immortal, a creature of the night, a vampire who does not know satiety. After many years without equal, Derek believes stopping a corporation of weak men will be easy. But Alpha Coal employs more than thugs: they are literally demonic. Derek must work together with a host of supernatural entities — werewolves and witches included — to preserve Appalachia from environmental ruin. Unique among vampire novels, Insatiable evokes humor, dread, anger, satisfaction, and the erotic as the vampire pursues his blood feud.