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December 10, 2015

Non-Sequitur book cover
Release Date 2015-10-15
Publisher Litmus Press
EAN/ISBN 978-1933959290
Authors Khadijah Queen
Summary NON-SEQUITUR presents a chorus of figures and objects carrying on apparently unrelated conversations in a shifting landscape of interiors. Of the play, 2013 Leslie Scalapino Award winner Joyelle McSweeney says, "Khadijah Queen's NON-SEQUITUR is the heir apparent to an avant-garde tradition running from the Futurist Sintesi through Lorca's Impossible Theater, through Black Arts to Suzan-Lori Parks. Smart, jagged, and irrepressible, it splits apart the compulsory coherencies of contemporary life to reveal the barbs and aggressions, fantasies and projections that keep society rolling on its dismal, oppressive track. Against such prerogatives, NON-SEQUITUR is an incandescent and welcome act of sabotage."