Publisher Lexington Books
ISBN-10 1793643636
Release Date March 14, 2022
Author(s) Jim A. Kuypers
Summary This book addresses questions about the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on human communication and the ways in which the communication discipline has been impacted by and has responded to the conditions of the pandemic. Contributors examine both the personal and the university administrative level to discuss how the pandemic and its lockdowns and transition to online learning, among other consequences, impacted specific areas of scholarship within the communication discipline. Contributors represent a number of sub-disciplines and focus on important elements they have witnessed being influenced by pandemic responses, bringing to light the unique insights about the pandemic and its effect on human communication their sub-discipline affords them. They go on to explore how the pandemic has impacted, or will impact, the teaching of their subject area and provide future suggestions for research in that area. Sub-disciplines represented include interpersonal communication, family communication, nonverbal communication, health communication, military learners, communication administrators, and instructional communication concerns.