Subtitle A Collaborative Guide!
Publisher National Safety Consultants, LLC
EAN/ISBN 978-0-692-92408-2
Edition Title First Edition
Release Date 2017-08-31
Author(s) Kenneth Russell Roy and Tyler S. Love(Curriculum and Instruction, PhD ’15)
Summary Safer hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is essential for K-16 instructors and students. This is the first book to address designing and maintaining safer makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs in both formal and informal settings. ! The book covers information about liability/legal standards, better professional practices, safety controls, addressing biological/chemical/physical hazards, first aid procedures, the facilities planning process, recommended designs and existing examples, and frequently asked safety questions. It is easy to read, providing practical recommendations and examples for instructors, administrators, and librarians. If your community or school system is looking to design or modify a facility to engage students in safer hands-on STEM activities, then this book is a must read. A free preview is available on the authors’ Google Site. Special Note to Hokies: The inVenTs makerspace in Lee Hall and the STEM Collaboratory in Seitz Hall at Virginia Tech are both featured in this publication.