A prominent showcase for science, technology, engineering, and math education featured Virginia Tech School of Education Professor Brett Jones.

Held online, the 2020 STEM For All Video Showcase highlighted innovation in STEM education across the United States. The showcase includes videos of more than 170 projects. The theme for this year’s event was “Learning from Research and Practice.”

Jones’ project can be viewed on the STEM For All website. Titled “Assessing Student Motivation to Engage in STEM,” the video describes a survey tool teachers and researchers can use to assess students’ perceptions of STEM activities and classes. Jones’ survey is available for free use through his website, MUSIC Model of Motivation. The model helps motivate students based on concrete strategies and measurable outcomes. 

Jones said he created the survey to help teachers and researchers collect motivation data from students, so they can use the results to make instructional decisions that further motivate students. The project is funded through the National Science Foundation.

Now in its sixth year, the STEM For All showcase aims to improve STEM learning and teaching. The projects are funded by the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies. 

Presentations by Jones and other participants address improving STEM education in K–12 classrooms, informal learning environments, undergraduate and graduate settings, teacher professional development, and community engagement. Collectively, the presentations cover a broad range of topics, including science, mathematics, computer science, engineering, cyberlearning, citizen science, maker spaces, broadening participation, research experiences, mentoring, professional development, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core. 

The STEM for All Video Showcase is hosted by TERC, a national professional development and research evaluation organization. 

Written by Andrew Adkins