Department of Religion and Culture Faculty

Click on the tabs below for a list of the Department of Religion and Culture faculty members alphabetically and by discipline.

Name Position Office Phone Email
Ananda Abeysekara Associate Professor 209 Major Williams 540-231-5788 ananda@vt.edu
Aaron Ansell Associate Professor 101 Major Williams 540-231-0491 aansell@vt.edu
Amaryah Armstrong Assistant Professor 111 Major Williams   amaryah@vt.edu
Brian Britt Professor 107 Major Williams 540-231-5118 bbritt@vt.edu
Megan Case Postdoctoral Fellow 342 Lane Hall 540-231-6885 mlcase@vt.edu
Danille Christensen Assistant Professor 105 Major Williams 540-231-5528 dec09@vt.edu
Hulya Dogan Instructor 117 Major Williams   hulyad@vt.edu
Taulby Edmondson Instructor 117 Major Williams   taulby1@vt.edu
Matthew Gabriele Professor and Department Chair 115A Major Williams 540-231-1618 gabriele@vt.edu
Sylvester Johnson  Professor and Director of the Center for the Humanities 010A Liberal Art and Human Sciences Building 540-231-9120  saj240@vt.edu
Jordan Laney Postdoctoral Fellow 224 Lane Hall . jlaney@vt.edu
Zhange Ni Associate Professor 205 Major Williams 540-231-1823 nizhange@vt.edu
Shaily Patel  Assistant Professor 207 Major Williams  540-232-8456 shailyp@vt.edu
Dominique Polanco Research Associate 109 Major Williams 540-231-6101 depolanco@vt.edu
Anita Puckett Associate Professor 207 Solitude 540-231-9526 apuckett@vt.edu
Emily Satterwhite Associate Professor and Director of Appalachian Studies 344 Lane Hall 540-231-8779 satterwhite@vt.edu
Peter L. Schmitthenner Associate Professor 103 Major Williams 540-231-8377 pschmitt@vt.edu
Rachel M. Scott Associate Professor 203 Major Williams 540-231-4848 rmscott@vt.edu
Balbir K. Singh Assistant Professor 211 Major Williams 540-231-6810 bksingh@vt.edu
Joe Wolf Instructor 441 Major Williams 540-231-5155 joewolf@vt.edu
Name Position Office Phone Email

Allie Briggs


314 Lane Hall



Zach Wheeler


313 Lane Hall



Sarah Plummer


313 Lane Hall



Hannah Ewing MCPH GTA 206 Major Williams   htewing@vt.edu
Anthony Reynolds MCPH GTA 206 Major Williams   iranthony@vt.edu
Name Position Office Phone Email

Elizabeth Fine

Professor Emerita, Humanities


Elizabeth Struthers Malbon

Professor Emerita



Name Position Office Phone Email

Ashley Reed

Assistant Professor of English    


Mauro J. Caraccioli Assistant Professor of Political Science     mauroj@vt.edu